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Welcome to Tiny Room Co.

Our Backyard Pods

         Office Pod - Most Popular 

garden studio melbourne

Wide Pod

backyard studio kit

Studio Pod

prefab backyard office

Flexi Pod

backyard studio melbourne

Need Help Choosing A Pod?

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Why Choose Tiny Room Co?

Tiny Room Co. is all about creating small, beautiful, functional and affordable spaces.

Quality Craftsmanship 

Manufacturing occurs locally with much of the production occurring in the warehouse to allow fast and easy construction on site.

Made In Australia 

Based in Melbourne, Australia, the company produces small garden rooms to meet the needs of those wanting extra space. 

Enviormentaly Friendly

Tiny Room Co. are conscious of the environmental impact of building and where possible minimise waste and use sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

Recent Projects

Tiny Room Co. - Home Offices  Working from home? Run out of room? Separate work & home - Ready for change?  

Want To Own A Pod?

We would love to hear from you, if you have any inquiries or have questions about buying a backyard pod. 

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